Horror Comic Awards: Artist of the Year is Szymon Kudranski

by Rob Caprilozzi

When done right, horror comic books can be just as frightening as movies. It just takes the right type of artist to covey images of an angry monster or a certain atmosphere to pull it off. Lucky for us, Szymon Kudranski has been doing just that for years.

Throughout his career Kudranski has illustrated many high-profile titles including Spawn, The Punisher, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Spider-Man, and more. In 2022 we saw him team with Steve Niles to create the artistic masterpiece A Town Called Terror, which was published by Image Comics.

The series follows Henry West, a man who escaped a town named Terror, rebuilding his life and true happiness in the human world. When his mother disappears, his father forces him back home. Old rivalries and wars resurface as he begins to unravel the mystery.

With that being said, we are happy to present the 2022 Horror Comic Award for Artist of the Year to Szymon Kudranski for his work on A Town Called Terror.

Congratulations to Szymon and stay tuned to Horror News Network for more news on the Horror Comic Awards.


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