2010 Horror Comics

Horror-ble and Notable Moments for Comics in 2010

Staff member, Stephanie Shamblin Gray, took time to reflect back on the world of horror comics in 2010.

“‘Tis the season to look back over the year and reflect on what worked well in our lives and what did not work so well. Of course, it’s more fun to look back on what others have done and collect those successes or failures into a list. Once again, here is a year-end review prepared for the fans of horror comics with a few ComicMonsters.com flashbacks and notable moments thrown in for good measure.’

Check out the Horror-ble and Notable Moments for Comics in 2010.

2010 Horror Comics
Stephanie Shamblin Gray on Twitter
Stephanie Shamblin Gray
Contributor at Horror News Network
Stephanie Shamblin Gray is a contributor at HorrorNewsNetwork.net. You can follow her on Twitter @UndeadStephanie. And stay up on all the latest news @HorrorNews. Read her full bio on our About Us page.
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