Horror Bargain Hunter: Funko Made an Exorcist Pop?!?

by Nick Banks

Greeting fellow bargain seekers!!  Today we have a variety of items for all tastes and interests from the world of horror and Halloween!

-Funko Pop Vinyl figures and bobble heads are all the rage these days.  Attend any comic convention and you’ll see more Pops for sale than guys in Deadpool costumes.  Funko produces such a wide variety of these figures that sometimes you’ll be surprised at how deep the catalog goes.  How deep you may ask?  How about as  deep as a Possessed Regan from the Exorcist vinyl figure.  This is one of the many you can find on sale from Gamestop for $5 each.  Even better, if you spend over $25, you can score free shipping with the code “Saver”  Other Pops of interest to horror fans:

Morgan from the Walking Dead $5.00

Tyrese from the Walking Dead  $5.00

Fallout Feral Ghoul $5.00

Mr. March from American Horror Story Season 5 $5.00


-Ready for Halloween in July?  If so, the Spirit of Halloween is in the middle of their clearance sale.  Each category is arranged by price from 2 for $5 to $100.  Get all of you house decorating and costume needs done early.  It will also save you a trip to your local deserted strip mall.

-Haunted Mansion fans can get almost %50 off of the new Tales from the Haunted Mansion Volume One: The Fearsome Foursome at Amazon for the chilling price of $8.51.  The Young adult novel is “told by” HM librarian Amicus Arcane(John Esposito) with illustrations by horror comic Batman artist Kelley Jones.
-Last but not least, if you want to star in your own horror movie, pick up this Official Pokemon Search Vehicle Sticker. You are bound to be kidnapped by an obsessed Poke-man or lady. $5 or two for $3.99 (each)!  Shipping is also free.

Remember, if you are interested in any of these deals (or all of them), just click on the items above.





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TheDeadlights July 21, 2016 - 10:20 pm

Mr. Banks! So cool to find out your into horror! And all this time I only thought you were a Beastie Boys and Marvel guy! Looks like I overpaid for my Regan Funko, got it a few weeks ago on Amazon for 10 bucks. Trying to collect all the horror ones available. Hoping to see you at CT Horrorfest and looking forward to some more articles! Sincerely, a former student who always enjoyed your class.

Nick Banks July 21, 2016 - 10:47 pm

Thanks! I’ll see you there!

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