Hopes Run High For Better, More Faithful ‘Death Note 2’

by Thomas Tuna

If at first you don’t thrill horror fans–try, try again. So Netflix is planning a sequel to 2017’s Death Note, and the screenwriter promises a more faithful adaptation of the original manga material this time around.

The first Death Note film on Netflix was a disappointment for many fans of the popular manga series, with the general consensus being that it was not true to the original work. Well, Greg Russo–tasked with writing the screenplay for Death Note 2–has said he  plans to go back to the horror elements of the source, as reported by movieweb.com.

Russo–who scripted the Mortal Kombat big-screen adaptation and co-wrote Resident EvilWelcome to Raccoon City–has been working on Death Note 2 now for several years, and reportedly has a deep affection for the manga and a desire to be true to the original material.

“It’s about adapting an intellectual property,” Russo said during a recent interview. “It’s about bringing over an amazing piece of fan property and trying to do it right. And I’m a huge fan of the manga and the original source material. I think it’s one of the greatest mangas ever written.”

The screenwriter–who had nothing to do with the first Death Note movie–added that he approached the sequel “with a point of view of what I wanted to do. And part of that is that I wanted to go back to the source material. I wanted to go back to what made the original stuff so great. And so, we’re doing something really neat with it.”

Russo didn’t divulge any details of his script, but said “it’s not going to be exactly what you’re expecting. And I mean that in a very enticing way.”

The first Netflix adaptation–from director Adam Wingard and writers Charles and Vlas Parlapanides and Jeremy Slater– starred Willem DaFoe, Nat Wolff, Lakeith Stanfield and Shea Whigham.

The original Death Note manga series–the brainchild of writer Tsugumi Ohba and artist Takeshi Obata–ran from 2003-2006 and follows a teen genius named Light Yagami who discovers a mysterious notebook called the Death Note. This book grants the user the supernatural ability to kill anyone whose name is written in its pages. And the teenager sets out to use the Death Note to destroy all those he deems immoral in his quest for a crime-free society.

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