Hope “Springs” Eternal For ‘The Walking Dead’ Movie

by Thomas Tuna

Fans have waited a long time for the promised The Walking Dead film and now, with the horror that has been 2020 finally winding down, their patience is being rewarded.

Word came down this week, as reported by syfy.com, that the first installment in a planned trilogy of The Walking Dead feature film adventures will start filming–if all goes well and COVID-19 doesn’t rear its ugly head on a greater scale–in the spring of 2021.

And those movies–which will spotlight the return of Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln)–will indeed be theatrical events. The movies originally were planned as AMC original films, but now it’s known that AMC Network, Skybound Entertainment and Universal Pictures will team up to bring the films to the big screen.

Lincoln–whose Grimes character hasn’t been seen since Season 9 of the long-running TV series–said he’s optimistic about production starting up in a few months. “It does feel like there is a certain sense of positivity and the cavalry’s coming with the vaccines,” he said. “And there’s a real sort of sense of a renewal–hopefully.”

The film–the brainchild of series creator Robert Kirkman and chief content officer Scott M. Gimple–is expected to discover Grimes alive and well and being taken to “a human encampment that aims to find a cure for the zombie problem.” As might be expected, there will be “interpersonal conflicts the comic book and TV series are known for”, and scientists with “a mad side” will engage in experiments with “unwilling human subjects.”

If the filming comes off as planned, the film may well be on its way to theaters in 2022, which will fold in well with the TV show’s 11th and final season. The Walking Dead on AMC will continue Season 10 Feb. 28 with six extra episodes, and the second half of the Fear The Walking Dead spinoff also is planned for early 2021. In addition, The Walking Dead: World Beyond reportedly returns next year for its second and final season.

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