HNN’s Coverage of The 2023 New York Toy Fair

by Sean McLaughlin

For the first time since February of 2020, the New York Toy Fair took place at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan on September 30th through October 3rd after two years of online reveals, toy association voting and even a huge date change for the convention.  And for fans of horror toys… glorious the first in-person event since Covid was!  HNN’s own Sean McLaughlin was there to cover all of the nifty reveals and new product license celebrations for the fifth straight (non-lockdown) year where toy heavyweights like NECA, Funko and Trick Or Treat Studios pushed the action figure, prop and statue game to the next level.  Even with Mezco sitting this one out, NY Toy Fair 2023 was truly a momentous happening.

Without further adieu, let’s check out some of the highlights from our favorite toy companies…..



A few very exciting and original new licenses populated the NECA booth, including completely out-of-the box concepts like a line of Ben Cooper-costumed trick-or-treaters and perhaps the craziest entry… Angela Lansbury figure from the a toy property we didn’t know we needed, Murder She Wrote!  Also debuting are a couple different versions of John Carver from Thanksgiving, Wednesday, Krampus and Vincent Price (who is also getting the ReAction figure treatment from Super7) among many others……



Trick Or Treat Studios

Where do we start with Trick Or Treat, who in terms of reveals and new horror licenses literally killed it all weekend, as evidenced by their impressive reveals on social media.  New figures lines for Goosebumps (which they describe as a “passion project”), Return of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, GWAR(!), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre DINNER SCENE, Terrifier 2, and even True Romance(!!) lead the way in new offerings.  But in all honesty, Trick Or Treat won the weekend for us with several killer new products like a “life-sized” Sam with skull head along with an actual product sample of the extremely limited Halloween45 convention exclusive Michael Myers (which just happened to be in California this weekend too.)

Trick Or Treat Studios “Games Division” also had a booth where they debuted several new horror board games based on some iconic franchises.  Check out HNN’s YouTube channel for a video tour from TOT’s Andy Van Zandt.



While there weren’t a ton of new horror-themed reveals from Super7, they did display some impressive upcoming products.  The ReAction figure line will add Gremlins to their roster, along with the aforementioned Vincent Price and a cool line of Misfits He-Man-style action figures (photos of Creature from the Black Lagoon Cyborg courtesy of AFCollectors — @afcollectors on Instagram and TikTok)



Other than the normal horror-themed Pop figures, not much new from Funko in the way of movies or shows (though my favorite is a blood-soaked Carrie Pop!)  But just across from the Funko booth was Loungefly, who had their damn cool line of McDonalds Halloween Happy Meal-inspired line of purses…..


McFarlane Toys

The big boy of the horror toys universe, McFarlane, continued their recent trend of concentrating more on the DC license and other gaming-inspired lines rather than horror.  It seems that since the Stranger Things figure line, not much attention has been paid to the horror masses yearning for high-end collectibles from Uncle Todd.  It appears that Mezco and NECA have slowly grabbed the headlines in terms of upscale horror toys with ever-expanding licensing of every iconic franchise, although McFarlane did display a pretty neat Pennywise statue set to be released soon (photos courtesy of AFCollectors — @afcollectors on Instagram and TikTok)……


Here are a few additional shots of upcoming horror toy goodness from around the Javits Center……see you in 2025!


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