HNN’s Weekly Recap: Our Top Stories From June 22nd – June 28th

by CTbrthrhd

These are Horror News Network’s most read stories from June 22nd through June 28th.


Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain #1 preview

Image Comics has provided us a preview of the new Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain comic.

Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #2 preview

BOOM! Studios has provided us a preview of the new Clive Barkers Nightbreed comic.

Purgatori in September

Spinning out of Dynamite’s best-selling Chaos! Universe, Purgatori flies like a vampire bat out of hell…

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Helsing #3 preview

Zenescope Entertainment has provided us a preview of the new Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Helsing comic…

Angel & Faith Season 10 #4 preview

Dark Horse Comics has provided us a preview of the new Angel & Faith Season 10 comic.


Horzine Biotech Confidential Specimen Footage Trailer Revealed for ‘Killing Floor 2’

Tripwire Interactive revealed today that it has obtained never before seen confidential footage from a series of specimen training videos utilized by Horzine Biotechs Security Force to identify different types of zeds…

‘Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition’ Now Available on Xbox One – Trailer Inside

EXOR Studios is proud to announce that Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition is now available on the Xbox One for $14.99 – published through the ID@XBOX program…

Gameplay Video Revealed for ‘Dead Island Epidemic’

What do deadly umbrellas, flaming trumpets, shark tornados and legions of gruesome zombies have in common?


The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Resin Figural Ornament Coming in October

Protect your Christmas tree from the zombie apocalypse with this figural ornament of Daryl Dixon from AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series…

Day The Earth Stood Still Gort and Klaatu Action Figure 2-Pack Coming in October

This collector’s 2-pack based on the classic sci-fi film The Day the Earth Stood Still includes both Gort and Klaatu together in this 1970’s-styled action figure 2-pack…

Horror Hunting! For the Week of June 23rd

Welcome back to Horror Hunting!, for this final full week of June…

Re-Animator Finger Creature Prop Replica Coming in November

This morbid doodling with human body parts… is this what it’s all about?

The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon on Motorcycle Christmas Stocking Coming in October

Give Santa a fright as he fills The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon on Motorcycle Christmas Stocking with all your Christmas goodies…


Horror TV Guide 6/27 – 6/30

Get ready to set those TiVo’s to record because here is the next round of horror viewing available for you…

‘4-Movie Midnight Marathon Pack: Supernatural’ Coming To DVD On September 2nd

Horror TV Guide 6/23 – 6/26

Did you ever wish that you could easily find out what was on the TV for horror without paging through the clunky guide on your remote?

‘Frankenstein’ (1931) Blu-ray Coming Out On September 2nd

Ten Things You Might Not Know About … Shaun of the Dead!

After Shaun joins Ed at the Winchester after breaking up with his girlfriend, Ed uses his “Clyde impression” (Clyde, the orangutan from Every Which Way But Loose) in an attempt to make Shaun feel better…

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