‘Here’s Negan’ Episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ Gets Trailer

by Mark McCurley

When it comes to character development, The Walking Dead has certainly fleshed out its share especially for the notorious villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who will be the focus of the series’ tenth season finale.

The trailer for the episode, titled Here’s Negan, can be seen here:

Introduced in The Walking Dead season six, the barbed wire baseball bat-wielding foe exploded onto the scene with the brutal killings of two main characters with said baseball bat.

The new episode looks to fill viewers in on where Negan began with his wife named Lucille. It will expand on how he became the leader of the Saviors and why they followed his every command.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan can also be seen in the upcoming horror film The Unholy, which is set for release this Friday April 2.

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