“Hellish” Jason Mask Goes For Whopping $225K At Auction

by Thomas Tuna

Fans may have panned the film, but they apparently love the famous mask.

The mask in question would be the iconic hockey mask worn by Kane Hodder in 1993’s Jason Goes to HellThe Final Friday that recently sold at auction for a staggering $225,000, according to screenrant.com. The winning bid is even more incredible, considering the estimated price–before auction–was between $20,000 and $30,000.

The event was the Entertainment Memorabilia: Treasures from Film and Television live auction that put a slew of famous props and collectibles up for sale. The prize piece was Hodder’s white goalie mask, but other standout items included a “terror dog” stop-motion puppet from Ghostbusters (it sold for $11,000) and an M-41A pulse rifle from Aliens (which fetched $85,000).

The frightful mask–seen on this page–is signed by Hodder and has been verified as being worn in the film. The prop is described in the auction listing as being the mask worn by the actor during the explosive scene when “a SWAT team ambushes and blows up Jason.”

This version of the iconic Jason mask was designed by effects supervisor Howard Berger and was manufactured by K.N.B. Effects Group “to appear battle-scarred, burnt, water-damaged and fused to the face of the latest wearer.” The prop is “extensively aged with grime, scratches and chips made by production.”

Jason Goes To Hell–the ninth installment in the Friday the 13th franchise–was directed by Adam Marcus from a screenplay by Jay Huguely and Dean Lorey. In the film, Jason’s spirit possesses several people in order to continue his killing spree after his death. “He must find and possess a member of his bloodline, but he can be destroyed forever by a surviving relative using a magical dagger,” according to the official synopsis.

The movie–which was ripped by critics and fans–was the second-worst performing Friday the 13th entry (to Jason Takes Manhattan), earning just $16 million on a $3-million budget.

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