The Walking Dead Weekly Wrap Up – Dead Weight

by Christine Caprilozzi

By Christine Caprilozzi

The Walking Dead Weekly Wrap Up – Dead Weight

Synopsis: A new and scary chapter begins to form at a camp outside the prison.

Thoughts: **SPOLIERS** Well “one eye Bri” certainly shows his true colors in this episode. Did you really think our Governor was going to be able to take orders from Martinez and his empty headed thugs? Martinez met an unfortunate ending proving the Gov is back and truly as cold blooded as ever. The episode sets that stage for his ruthlessness to reign supreme again. The Governor just staring in the lake at zombified Pete, who he killed in cold blood, says it all. Emotionless, except when it comes to Megan, the show ends with our boy ready to make some big moves.

The walker kills in this episode were brutal.  As Martinez’s crew cowers, “one eye Bri” mercilessly beats the hell out of them with his bare hands.

I know some Walking Dead fans feel this season has been a bit slow…but hold on tight! The scene is now set for the big combative meet up between Rick and crew with the Governor.  Reunited and it feels so good!

Until next week…….

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