HBO Orders Pilot Episode for Damon Lindelof ‘Watchmen’ Series

by John Evans

In June we reported that Damon Lindelof, the prolific writer behind such projects as as television’s Lost, and movies like PrometheusStar Trek Into Darkness, and World War Z, was in talks with HBO over developing a series based on the DC Comics classic, Watchmen. While news over the project went quiet for a couple of months, Variety confirms that HBO has officially ordered a pilot episode for the tentative new series.

For those who are new to the game of television production, a pilot episode is a sample episode that studios can order to have a better idea of what the series would look like before making the decision to greenlight the entire season. Many pilot episodes ultimately become the first episode of a television series if the studio decides to move forward with production. Given the facts that Lindelof and HBO have been talking about this series for months and the series is based on one of the most popular and critically acclaimed comic books of all time, chances are pretty good that HBO will like what they see.

This isn’t the first time adaptations of Watchmen have been attempted. Zack Snyder directed a movie based on the book in 2009, and various motion comics and animated supplements exist on the home video market. What makes this new project different is the fact that the extended length of a television series will allow Lindelof and company more time to dig deeper into Alan Moore’s and Dave Gibbon’s work than what has ever been possible before.

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