Haunting Melissa Now Available On iPhone

by Rob Caprilozzi

The story is delivered at varied lengths and received at unpredictable intervals so viewers never know when it will pop up next – it could sneak up on you while shopping for Halloween candy; jump out at you while you’re putting together your costume or while making decorations home alone late at night. 


Available exclusively on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Haunting Melissa takes viewers into the world of Melissa, a teenage girl who believes her recently deceased mother is haunting her.  Designed specifically for the new generation of connected viewers, Haunting Melissa reinvents storytelling to engage audiences and keep them on the edge of their seats.  


Created by Neal Edelstein, an independent filmmaker and the producer of The Ring, The Ring Two and Mulholland Drive, Haunting Melissa is a psychologically-driven horror story, designed to connect with young viewers to tell stories in a whole new way. The content is released in an unpredictable, but linear progression maximizing audience anticipation. As you progress through the story, the app will inject new content that reveals important storyline elements through seamless push “update” notifications.  The content platform allows for edits on the fly, meaning that what you’ve seen on first viewing may not be what you see the next time – twists and turns in the story create doubt and the fear that you may be losing your mind.


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