Haunted Love #2 Preview

by Brian Uhe

IDW Publishing has provided us a preview of the new Haunted Love comic.

Just when you thought it was safe to crawl back in your corroded coffins, #2 worms its way into your hearts with more awful affairs and creeped-out courtships direct from the crumbling crypt of golden age Pre-Code comics! SEE! Monsters get married! HEAR! The haunting howl of love even AFTER death! SMELL! The eternal stench of a long rotted romance! TASTE! (ummm, do NOT put this comic book in your mouth!) FEEL! The worst case of crabs EVER! HAUNTED LOVE!

48 pages
March 9

Written by Various
Art by Ken Landou, Alex Toth, Bill Savage, Bud Thompson and Ken Landau
Cover by Ken Bald








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