Haunt Review – ‘The Amity Road Horror’

by Lynn Sorel

By: Lynn Sorel
Rating: 7 out of 10

About: It began when the darkness was released from deep within the mine shafts. Then it grew into a festering cesspool of the macabre. Now 3 years later it is hell on Earth, and no form of holy protection can keep you safe once you enter The Amity Road Horror.

Our Thoughts: The Amity Road Horror is an October Halloween attraction in Bethany, Connecticut. A maze of creepy, haunted corridors and horror scenes make for a scary fun time.

When you arrive on location, there is a concession stand for customers needing something hot to drink while they wait in line. It costs $15 for adults and $10 for kids. There is a huge screen playing horror movie scenes and radio to entertain people while they wait. There are also actors that come out once in awhile to terrorize the customers and start getting the adrenaline going before you even get inside. The Saturday night we went the wait was only around thirty minutes or so.

Being located in the middle of the woods helped create a haunted mood from the get go. The elaborate maze is comprised of various horror settings combined in one horrific tour of terror. With many costumed creepers jumping out at you or come after you with chainsaws (without chains of course). This haunt in particular is known for its chainsaw scares. Their corn maze was pretty amazing as well. The slaughter house rooms were really well done. With lots of rusty tools and even some broken down cars used as props, a lot of the scenes reminded me of gritty style of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. With one scare after another, my crew and I found ourselves screaming to the point of losing our voices. The actors were very good at jumping out at just the right times.

The maze takes maybe twenty minutes to get through depending on how fast you walk. The maze itself is so creatively crafted and creepy, you definitely feel like you get your money’s worth. Using gritty homemade style displays that feel like they are right out of some our favorite horror films, The Amity Road Horror will be appreciated by hardcore horror fans and casual show goers alike. This haunt is smaller and more secluded than others and perfect for people looking to avoid massive crowds. If you’re looking for a few good scares, The Amity Road Horror is a great place to go this Halloween season!

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