Harrow County #1 Advanced Review

by Christine Caprilozzi

By: Christine Caprilozzi


Harrow County #1 Advanced Review


Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Tyler Crook

Publisher: Dark Horse

Release Date: May 13, 2015

Rating: 10 out of 10


Synopsis: Emmy always knew that the deep, dark woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts, goblins, and zombies. But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is connected to these creatures-and to the land itself-in a way she never imagined.


Our Thoughts: With Harrow County, Cullen Bunn shows off why he is one of the hottest properties in comics right now.  He delivers with a story of mystical intrigue, action, and vividly terrifying imagery. Harrow County is the complete package for comic fans, especially those who tread on the darker side of comics. Most first issues plainly just layout the back story.  Bunn’s storytelling shines as he intertwines Emmy’s background and her possible future.  The tale blends perfectly with the action and all out gruesome details.


The artwork by Tyler Crook, known for his work on B.P.R.D, is a fantastic complement.  His exquisitely grotesque and brutal imagery, combined with sweeping tones make this tale of mystery and witchcraft even more mystical.  With that said, it still detailed and raw enough to suffice gore hounds out there.


Horror comic fans can really sink their teeth the blood and gore they so thirst, as well as the meaty story. Bottom line…Harrow County #1 is the complete package promising to be one of the best on-going series of the year.  On sale May 13th, Harrow County is a must.


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