‘Hannibal’ Weekly Wrap up – “Primavera”

by Lynn Sorel

‘Hannibal’ Weekly Wrap up – “Primavera”

By Lynn Sorel

Synopsis: With his wounds now healed, Will Graham heads to Europe eight months after the horrific event that almost took his life, in search of closure with Hannibal Lecter. 

Our Thoughts: This week’s episode finally reveals to us the result of the events from last season’s bloody finale. However, they do not wrap up all the lose ends, and we still do no know the fates of everyone involved quite yet.

Will follows Hannibal to Europe, and not surprisingly, he seems very out of place there, while Hannibal fits right in. While there, he meets inspector Rinaldo Pazzi (Fortunato Cerlino), who tells him some especially creepy tales of the early work of a young Hannibal Lecter, who is known there as The Monster of Florence.

The stag scene was a grotesque highlight of the episode, terrorizing Will on a new level. Will is much more broken than he first appears. 

Overall, not a whole lot happened in this episode. We see what is going on with Will and are introduced Pazzi, who is joining him on the hunt for Hannibal. Next week looks like it will be a bit more eventful. See you for next week’s “Secondo”, Fannibals!

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