‘Halloween’ Slashes Through the Competition Again at the Box Office

by Nick Banks

For the second week in a row, Halloween (2018) dominated the box office, earning a estimated $32 million dollars in its second week of release.  The latest in a long line of Michael Myers’ films currently sits at over $126 million in sales, and with a few more weeks of slim competition on the horizon, Halloween has a chance to cross the $200 million mark domestically.

Halloween only dropped 58% from last week’s debut, which was less than anticipated, as most horror films see a steeper decline in the 60-65% range.  The success of Halloween has sent many rival studios scrambling to fast track their own slasher properties, with rumors (unsubstantiated at best) running rampant about the return of Jason Voorhees.  Don’t be surprised if “news” of the return of Freddy or Leatherface is far behind, as Hollywood chases the latest trend at the box office.

As far as other genre pictures, Venom continues to be one of the true “Stars” of the season (with apologies to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga) with a third place finish to the tune of just under $11 million dollars.  The Sony film currently has amassed over $187 in the U.S.  and a Marvel-sized total overseas ($321 million).  Expectations were high for one of Spidey’s most popular foes, but the fact that Venom has been able to make over half a billion dollars worldwide is very impressive, especially considering the lukewarm critical response that it initially received.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween saw a very small drop from last week, earning $7.5 million and finishing fourth this weekend, but the film still has to be considered a disappointment when compared to the original film’s box office.  It may have a few more weeks at the box office, but it will likely earn $30 million or more less than the original R.L. Stein monster mash-up.

Check out our review of Halloween (2018) and stayed tuned for next week’s box office report, sure to be filled with some tricks and treats!

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