Halloween Doritos Debut in Japan!

by Nick Banks

As reported by B. Allan Orange of Movie Web, Frito Lay has just released a Halloween-themed Doritos flavor for the season in Japan.

The Doritos are jet black and covered with garlic seasoning.  You can even catch an illustration of Count Vlad Dracula lamenting the fact that he can’t eat them, but he sure wishes he could on the back of the bag.

This horror-themed snack follows the summer release of GhostBuster-themed burgers at Japanese fast food chain J.S. Burgers Cafe.  The burger featured “…a black olive and anchovy paste beef patty topped with tomatoes and purple cabbage sandwiched between a black bun.”  The chain also released a “dessert burger” called “the Marshmallow Mad Burger” which consisted of  “a ghostly white bun and is filled with marshmallows, Oreos and raisins and topped with a “blood” garnish.”

Unfortunately, none of these treats have yet to hit the shores of America (and any chance of Ghostbusters-themed burgers in the U.S. is as likely as a sequel to the remake at this point), but perhaps the Halloween Doritos have a chance.  Be sure to let the good people at Frito Lay know through social media and perhaps we will all be enjoying these delicious chips stateside in a year or two to commemorate every horror fans favorite holiday.

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