Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Her ‘Seven’ Inspired Halloween Costume

by John Evans

These days, it’s tough to come up with an original Halloween costume. Over the years, we’ve seen pretty much every movie moment come to life in the form of a creative costume. But Gwyneth Paltrow took to Instagram to show that we haven’t exactly seen everything just yet!

In 1995, Paltrow played a key role in David Fincher’s masterpiece, Seven. Without giving too much away, her character ends up tied to an unforgettable finale which leaves Brad Pitt screaming his famous line, “What’s in the box!?” In true Hitchcockian fashion, Fincher never exactly shows us what’s in the box, instead leaving more than enough context clues for viewers to make the disturbing connection inside of their own heads.

Now, 22 years later, Paltrow has unveiled a tongue-in-cheek costume featuring her head inside of a  brown shipping box with screen-accurate “FRAGILE” stickers and mailing labels! In her Instagram picture, Paltrow looks just as shocked as viewers initially looked when watching the finale of Seven for the first time. You can view the image below:

I know Halloween hasn’t even started yet, but Gwyneth Paltrow just won the “most creative costume” award, hands down! Now if only Morgan Freeman would put his trench coat back on and don his pocketknife one last time, we could have a complete costumed reunion!

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