‘Grindhouse: The Startled Edition’ Coming To DVD On March 3rd

by CTbrthrhd



Mike Dolan, Matt Austin, Ron Petronicolos, Seth Adams


A Double-Dose of B-Movie Chills, Thrills… and Laughs! STORY 1 (30 Minutes) In this haunting back from the dead story, Bill takes care of his physically disabled, cruel and very mean brother. One dark night things change when Bill decides that life would be better if his brother were dead. So he makes plans to change things, but dear brother just can t accept that. STORY 2 (60 Minutes) The day grows dark as one man invites a new friend to spend the night in his mountain cabin. Two other friends show up, and that s when things turn bad terrifying for the four buddies. Something is stalking the guys, and is taking each them, one by one. When darkness falls, will anyone survive the night? Originally released in 2007, producers wanted to bring audiences a silly, old style ghost story with jumps, scares, and plenty of dry, silly, tongue-in-cheek laughs. While most fans liked the movie, some did not. Years passed… The filmmakers decided to have fun with the movie and have given it a new edit and super-neat-o 1978, Late-Night Drive-in Grindhouse effect, including the gritty Grindhouse sound. Added to the fun, guest filmmakers join director Jeff London in a hilarious new Audio Commentary with voice-overs, jokes, ad-libs, and whatever they can think of. Make some popcorn, pour the root beer and have some fun! DVD EXTRAS: AUDIO COMMENTARY #1 A hilarious group commentary with writer/director Jeff London and guest filmmakers John Wright, Joaquin Vences and Josh Savino. AUDIO COMMENTARY #2 Group commentary with writer/director Jeff London and cast members Michael John Dolan, Matt Austin, Seth Adams and Ron Petronicolos. CAST BLOOPERS





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