Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole #3 preview

by Rob Caprilozzi

Zenescope Entertainment has provided us a preview of the new Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole comic.

After a year of being a patient at the Appleton Mental Ward, Alice Liddle finds herself home with the family she adores and loves. But the home she returns to is much different than the home she left. The emotional dead zone between her and husband continues to grow. Johnny's behavior is becoming increasingly odd and disturbing, and Calie has begun going to great lengths to insure that she becomes nothing like her mother. But even that pales in comparison as Alice comes to realize that the madness of Wonderland has begun to creep into this world intent on taking her family for its own heinous designs. . . and Alice is the only one who can see it coming.

32 pages
August 7

Written by Raven Gregory and Pat Shand
Art by Gregbo Watson and Yusuf Idris
Colors by Francesca Zambon
Letters by Jim Campbell
Covers by Anthony Spay, Dawn McTeigue and Ale Garza

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