Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: No Tomorrow in August

by Rob Caprilozzi

Death is a natural part of life but what happens when it goes rogue? A new horror enters the Grimm Universe and it is a horror whose name is spoken in hushed and fearful whispers. Keres, the Goddess of the Death, will wreak havoc on an unsuspecting Earth, and one family man will feel the effects more than any other. Now he must attempt to uncover the truth behind Keres and how to stop her before all is lost. From writer Raven Gregory (Wonderland Trilogy / Fly / Dream Eater Saga) comes a new supernatural thriller that will blow your mind! When death arrives at the door, there is… No Tomorrrow!

Written by Raven Gregory and art by TBD with covers by Mike Krome, Stjepan Sejic, Harvey Tolibao and Pasquale Qualano.


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