101 Ways to Kill a Zombie

by greta5677

101 Ways to Kill a Zombie by Robb Pearlman

Illustrated by Dave Urban

Universe Publishing, October 2013

Synopsis: An illustrated guide to the best ways to rid society of the undead, this book takes a pop-culture bite out of the trend that just won’t die. It doesn’t take a lot of braaaaaaaiiiinnnns to recognize that society is feasting on zombie culture. This accessible, affordable, and Gorey-like (and gory) book showcases inventive methods to off everyone’s favorite lovable, decaying undead. More sidesplitting than an evisceration, 101 Ways to Kill a Zombie will keep readers laughing throughout the upcoming apocalypse.

Our thoughts: The book delivers exactly what it says… 101 ways to kill a zombie. The illustrations do most of the work, though there are a few clever ideas in there as well that help sell it. From axes to Axe body spray, skinny jeans, earworms, and single-white-femaled, to name a few, there’s some good stuff to chuckle over within the pages. Without the illustrations though, it wouldn’t be much of a book, especially the pop-culture references in particular. While I smiled and nodded my head at a stroke of genius a time or two, it’s not a must-have book for me. You can easily stand in the bookstore and read it all the way through in just a few minutes. It would be fun to display as a coffee table book for sure, so if you’re into that, pick up a copy.

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