Greg Kinnear Joins as Lead in Horror-Comedy Pilot ‘Shining Vale’ on Starz

by Mark McCurley

In a world where quality original content is few and far between, some good news has come through according to Variety, in that Starz has landed its lead actor for the station’s forthcoming horror-comedy Shining Vale which is Greg Kinnear, known for his Oscar and Emmy-nominated roles in As Good As it Gets, Modern Family and The Kennedys.

Shining Vale is a 30-minute horror-comedy concerning a dysfunctional family that moves from the city to a house in the suburbs where wicked acts have taken place. The family must cope with their new living situation even though a family member notices things are not what they seem.

Kinnear’s character is the father and husband of the family named Terry, who is described as a caring, affectionate husband who enjoys things both funny and sad alike. As a genuine optimist, Terry is willing to do anything to keep his family together after his wife had an affair, which includes rigorous couples therapy and cashing in all he owns to buy an Old Victorian style house in Connecticut, in effect changing his 12-minute commute to a 90-minute train ride into New York City.

Check back for more soon on Shining Vale!

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