GraveStompers available now for Android

Mad Menace Entertainment LLC, a developer of digital experiences specializing in mobile devices and next-gen handhelds, today announced GraveStompers™, its comedic third-person 3D zombie apocalypse shooter is available now for Android and will be coming soon to iOS. “GraveStompers is an exciting zombie apocalypse shooter that incorporates a new style of innovation that hasn’t been seen in the mobile space to date,” said Matthew Newman, chief creative officer, Mad Menace. “We’ve integrated a stylish comedic approach to cartoon zombie violence where players face off against never ending waves of unrelenting zombies to determine the fate of the world. GraveStompers offers an incredible entertainment experience that will immerse new and diehard fans of zombie apocalypse games alike." The story of GraveStompers unfolds several years after Dr. Cayhille took charge of a secret government experiment which infused necrotic toxin into dead tissue. The idea was to create a substance that would heal severe battle-field wounds in a select group of soldiers. However, after successfully refining the necrotic ooze, Dr. Cayhille’s overwhelming desire to rule the world caused him to poison the water supply bringing a zombie apocalypse to the once peaceful town of Slumbering Cove. Now players must assume the role of the game’s main character, Max, an undead child whose new-found purpose in life is zombie eradication. GraveStompers will have you navigate your way through Ravenwood Cemetery, explore the manor of the crazed Mad Scientist Dr. Cayhille, and use your unnatural talents to smash, slice, chop, and grind your way through armies of undead zombies in an attempt to protect your hometown, Slumbering Cove. 

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GraveStompers horror game
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