‘Goodnight Mommy’ Remake Adds Twin Stars as Leads

by Mark McCurley

Coming in exclusively from Variety, Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti have landed the lead roles of twin brothers in Amazon Studios’ remake of the 2014 Austrian psychological horror film Goodnight Mommy.

Starring in shows and movies together since 2017, the Crovetti brothers will play the twin sons of the Mother character (Naomi Watts) who arrive at her home in the countryside. The boys find her face is covered in bandages because of what she says is the result of cosmetic surgery she recently had done. Seeing her behavior change from bad to worse before their eyes, the brothers are haunted by the thought that this person with her face covered in gauze may not be their mother at all.

The Crovettis are most known for their roles playing brothers on HBO’s Big Little Lies.

With Matt Sobel behind the camera as director and Kyle Warren writing the script, production is currently underway in New Jersey.

Check back soon for more updates on Goodnight Mommy!

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