Good Deed Launches Genre Label Cranked Up Films

by Mark McCurley

Just in from Variety, a new genre-focused label, to be called Cranked Up Films, will be launched by Good Deed Entertainment.

CUF is set to focus mainly on high-concept horror, science fiction and speculative fiction that has elements of the supernatural and futuristic settings.

GDE’s other release include Journey’s EndAmerican Folk and Permission.

The label’s first release to debut in late 2018 will be Don’t Leave Home, which is about an American artist who becomes obsessed with an urban legend.

Set to be written and directed by Michael Tully (Septien), DLH follows the main protagonist as his investigation leads to the origin of the myth, the eerie estate in Ireland of a reclusive painter.

Acquired in partnership with Shudder, AMC Network’s streaming platform, the film stars Anna Margaret Hollyman (Sleeping with Other People), Helena Bereen (Hunger) and Lalor Roddy (Grabbers).

Producers on the film are Jeffrey Allard (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Walter S. Hall (Entertainment), George Rush Jr. (Bill Nye: Science Guy), and Ryan Zacarias (A Ciambra).

CUF has two other projects lined up. The first original production for the label will be Coyote Lake, a dark thriller about a motel-owning mother and her teen daughter, who use their business that is located near the Mexican border to discretely murder the drug runners and human traffickers who spend the night. Their killing spring comes to a halt when they are taken hostage by cartel gangsters. Scheduled for a 2019 theatrical release, the film is co-written and directed by Sara Seligman. Stars include Camila Mendes (Riverdale) and Adriana Barraza (Cake).

The other upcoming project is Nightmare Cinema, a horror anthology film that will unite fellow horror filmmakers Mick Garris, Joe Dante and David Slade. Stories of the film will center on a series of afflicted individuals who enter the mysterious Rialto theater, where their deepest and most horrifying fears brought to life on the silver screen by the Projectionist, to be played by Oscar-nominee Mickey Rourke. A co-production with Cinelou, NC will be premiering later in 2018.

GDE’s CEO and Founder Scott Donley said in a statement, “There’s no doubt that audiences are seeking-out unique, fresh genre fare and it is our intent to focus on providing those consumers with high-concept content that spans the horror, thriller and sci-fi sphere. We believe this new arm of the company is not only complimentary to the original Good Deed brand but is in lock-step with our overall commitment to providing filmmaker-driven content to the marketplace.”

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