‘Godzilla: Minus One’ May Take Home Coveted Gold Statuette

by Thomas Tuna

“And the Oscar goes to…” ROAR!!

Godzilla: Minus One--the latest big-screen success continuing the saga of the King of the Monsters–is now the first film in the history of the kaiju franchise to be nominated for an Academy Award–one for Best Visual Effects.

And to celebrate the occasion, a new poster has arrived to hail the king. Check out the post on this page to view the dramatic artwork.

The horror feature–from writer/director Takashi Yamazaki– is set in post-war Japan and follows a kamikaze bomber who can’t take his own life. Trying to put his life together, the bomber is terrified to see that Godzilla has arrived.

The original 1954 Godzilla–from filmmaker Ishiro Honda–deals with Japanese authorities fighting for their lives against Godzilla–whose attacks trigger fear of a nuclear holocaust.

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