‘Glass’ Wins An Incredibly Weak Weekend Box Office as ‘Serenity’ Bombs

by Nick Banks

The good news for M. Night Shyamalan is that Glass finished in first place for the second week in a row, earning an estimated $19 million.  The bad news is that his sequel to Unbreakable dropped 53% since last week, and also came in well under Split’s second weekend.

Shyamalan’s Split opened slightly below Glass last weekend, but whereas Glass is starting to immediately dip, Split only dropped 36% in its second weekend, and will most likely beat Glass‘ overall domestic box office total.  Split was also able to add theaters over the film’s second and third week, capitalizing on “Split-fever” in the winter of 2017.  Glass, even with the weakest competition of the new year so far and two dead-on-arrival new releases, was not able to replicate the success of Shyamalan’s brief comeback.

Speaking of success, or a lack thereof, the star-studded thriller Serenity entered the marketplace with a gigantic thud.  Not only did the film not impress critics (earning a score of 22% on Rotten Tomatoes) but is was also rejected by audiences (with an abysmal D+ rating from those polled by Cinemascore).  Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey combined forces for a rare flop with only $4.8 million and a  eighth place finish.  With results like these, the only tickets sold may have been to confused fans of Joss Whedon’s space-opera of the same name who are known for being voracious and vocal supporters of all things Serenity.

The other dud was the well-reviewed (86% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) The Kid Who Would Be King, a modern-day update on the King Arthur Legend. The only problem was that people didn’t go to see it, as the newcomer finished fourth with $7.25 million.

Looking for horror?  Your next chance for some scares will come in the form of February 8th’s The Prodigy and the Valentine’s Day Special, Happy Death Day 2U.  Be sure to check out our annual winter guide for all of the rest of this season’s releases.


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