Ginger-Stein coming to the small screen

by Rob Caprilozzi

ENIGMA FILMS and IRON DEAD STUDIOS are teaming up to bring an Iconic Comic Book Character to life on the small screen. GINGER-STEIN is a wonderfully conceived character from the imaginative mind of artist Dennis Willman. She’s a former B-Movie Scream Queen stitched together and brought back to life to battle the undead. With her penchant for mayhem and one liners, Ginger has become a cult favorite on the comic book circuit and via a creative internet campaign. And now with the help of the beautiful Canadian Actress, Melantha Blackthorne, GINGER-STEIN is looking to come to life in a whole new way. Rick Danford of ENIGMA FILMS is in the process of completing his NIGHTMARE COLLECTION VOLUME II Horror Short Film Collection, which has a unique character all its own involved in the framework of this popular DVD series. NECRO NANCY, portrayed by the gorgeous Krista Grotte, is an undead vixen seeking revenge on a collection former associates who sent her to a premature demise, all while introducing Short Horror Films for the Collection. 

Check out the Ginger-Stein coming to the small screen.

Ginger-Stein horror movie

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