‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘Helstrom’ Coming to Hulu

by Rob Caprilozzi

Deadline announced today that both Ghost Rider and Hellstorm will have their own series next year on Hulu. What initially sounded like a horror comic book fans dream come true may quickly turn sour as the devil is (or in this case isn’t) in the details.

The Ghost Rider character will not be Johnny Blaze, who was Ghost Rider in the popular 70s series or Dan Ketch who was Ol’ Flamehead in the 90s series. Instead, Ghost Rider will follow Robbie Reyes who became the character in 2014. This version of Ghost Rider does not have a motorcycle and is not linked to the Spirit of Vengeance. Robbie’s Ghost Rider drives a 1969 Dodge Charger and is possessed by the spirit of a deceased hit-man who worked for the Russian mob.

While there is no word on casting yet on the series, Ghost Rider is said to be executive produced by Ingrid Escajeda, who will serve as showrunner, Paul Zbyszewski and Marvel’s Jeph Loeb.

Don’t expect pentagrams and Satan in the Helstrom series as they character looks to be completely revamped for the series. The show will follow Daimon and his sister Ana Helstrom (yes, Ana..NOT Satana) who are the offspring of a powerful serial killer. The duo team up to track down the worst humanity has to offer.

While the series may turn out to be another hit for Marvel, it seems like a disappointment for true fans of both characters. Keep it locked to Horror News Network for more on these upcoming series.

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