Ghost Brothers Season Two Debuts in March on TLC

by Nick Banks

TLC announced via a press release today that Ghost Brothers will return to TLC’s successful “Friday Night Supernatural Strand” on March 10th, 2017.

Season Two of Ghost Brothers will consist of eight episodes ranging from a visit to, “New Castle, Indiana to investigate paranormal claims at the historic Thornhaven Manor, a desolate sawmill nicknamed the “Mill of Death” in the bayou of Louisiana; the maze-like home of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose; a haunted elementary school in Middletown, Ohio; the “White Witch” of Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica; and more.”

For those unfamiliar with the show, it follows the similar format of every other cable paranormal investigative program, originated by Syfy’s Ghost Hunters.  Where Ghost Brothers differs is the amount of humor that is injected into the investigations, primarily through the reactions of each member (Dalen, Juwan, and Marcus) of the team to the “ghostly activity” they find.  Because of this, Ghost Brothers is a breath of fresh air next to some of their more serious competition and sets the show apart from many others on the cable dial.

TLC has cornered the market on “ghost shows” of late, not only adding Ghost Brothers to their schedule, but also Paranormal Lockdown (featuring Nick Goff, formerly of the Travel Network’s long running Ghost Adventures) and Kindred Spirits (which features Ghost Hunter alums Amy Bruni and Adam Berry).  All three programs were moved over to TLC from Destination America after each exhibited a degree of success and fan interest (especially after SyFy cancelled perennial fan favorite Ghost Hunters).

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