Genma Visage Webcomic

Genma Visage Webcomic update

Thomas Tuke has updated a new page on his webcomic, Genma Visage.

The webcomic is described as:
From the alien race of Shurokiu they came. Their allegiance was once to the order of Nishin Genma, a legion of occult soldiers that trained them in the psychic arts to fight crime both on Earth and on their homeworld Shuromij. After a history of violence, they were forced by their corrupt superiors to undertake a suicidal training ritual called the Genma Visage. At the cost of their tormentor’ s lives the experiment was successful. They were now the Youkai; psychic hybridised monsters. Fuelled by destructive powers beyond imagination, they confront a world ill prepared for the dark powers from beyond.

Check out the Genma Visage Webcomic.

Genma Visage Webcomic
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