Gargantuan Interview with El Torres

by Rob Caprilozzi

They were the Giants that once walked the Earth and ruled over its inhabitants. Now they only exist in dreams and nightmares… like the ones Marshall Sarah Lozen has. And she doesn’t know that her pursuit of the criminal rockstar Crius will end with the rise of The Gargantuan… and the end of life on Earth as we know it!

We caught up with writer, El Torres to discuss Gargantuan from Amigo Comics.

Horror News Network: Can you talk a bit about the concept of this book and if/how it is similar to Cthulhu mythos.

El Torres: Well, there have been legends of giant creatures since men started to tell stories sitting by campfires. Not only the fairy tales from old… They are even in the Bible, all that Nephilim stories, Goliath, mighty kings… And well, now and then there are revelations about giants on Earth, Sumerian tablets, aliens interbreeding… Many, many of them have a lot of points in common. So, I tried to write my own story using that data to create a new little mythology.

And of course, there is H.P. Lovecraft. One can't write about giant creatures without referring to HPL and his cosmic horror visions. But, though The Gargantuan may have mystic and cosmic foundations, it is more connected to Godzilla and kaijus than with the Great Cthulhu.

Horror News Network: What can you tell us about the main character, Sarah Lozen?

El Torres: She is named after the warrior and prophet Lozen, sister of chief Victorio who fought at the side of Geronimo. Like her, our Sarah Lozen has some strange powers. Visions, dreams of the past and things to come… But today is the 21th Century, so Sarah, somehow, turned her back to her Native American origins, trying to bury her shaman heritage under dangerous duties as US. Marshall, not having any relationship and becoming a workaholic obsessed with capturing escaped inmates. Crius Warner, for example.

When we designed Sarah, we deliberately skipped the “sexy heroine” tropes. She's a warrior, so we tried to depict how a female warrior would behave, would look and would dress. Sarah doesn't wear a swimsuit or a chainmail bikini. She doesn't even have big boobs or a big bottom. She's slim, tall and due to her work she dress like a tomboy, and later she will dress in the survivor-style of the disaster zone. That means no cleavage, no daisy dukes and no crotch shots…

Well, totally the whole opposite of Nancy in Hell!

Horror News Network: Can you give us any hints on why Crius is connected to The Gargantuan?

El Torres: Crius shares the same kind of power (from where these powers came and why only a few people have them will be explained in the series), but he fully embraced it. Being a filthy rich rockstar and a psycho is just a perk of the job. And yes, he also became obsessed with the dreams, the visions of a remote past, where we, monkeys (yes, this is a book which believes in evolution!) were ruled and ravished by these humongous creatures. And Crius becoming even more crazy and kill people in order to learn more of these giants is another perk of the job.

Thing is… he knows what The Gargantuan are. And he will use that knowledge for his own purposes.

Horror News Network: This book seems quite different than anything you have done in the past. Can you talk a bit about that?

El Torres: I think there are two trends in my work. First, there are books where I try seriously to scare my readers, and perhaps to dig a little in the interior of our minds. The Veil, The Suicide Forest, Drums and now The Westwood Witches.

And then, there are other books where I try seriously to have fun, writing exploitation, easy jokes and gore. Nancy in Hell, Rogues!… But they all share a thing in common. They're written for mature readers. Yes, there are blood splashes and nipples in all of them. Gargantuan is the first book I'm writing for a teen audience… but treating them like mature readers.

And I'm having a lot of fun doing it. To create your own mythology with these giants, having tons of pages with kaiju-like-monsters stomping their ways in a path of destruction… How possibly that cannot be fun?

Horror News Network: Can you talk a bit about working with artist, Ruben Rojas on this title?

El Torres: Ruben is a part of Amigo Comics since the very beginning. He did some back-up stories (in Rogues! issue #1, for example), and helped with coloring chores. I like his style a lot, because it is very personal. He is not a clone of any other artist, he walks his own way. I know that some readers might dislike his style, while others, like me, will dig it. Yes, it would be easier to draw this miniseries in the usual “let's do it the mainstream way”, and perhaps we would have more sales. Or perhaps not. Thing is, though I'd love to write a mainstream book some day, Amigo is not the place to do it… because it would look fake to me. When we founded Amigo, we said “let's do it our own way”.

Horror News Network: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about Gargantuan?

El Torres: I love gigantic monsters. And people always have loved them. Thanks to Pacific Rim now we can enjoy a lot of new kaiju. A new Godzilla is on the way. We've seen lovecraftian monsters masterfully depicted in Mignola's Hellboy and BRPD. Gargantuan has gigantic monsters crushing cities, less gigantic monsters eating people, desperate survivors making their way out, and a badass female hero… And we try to create our own way of telling it, with a twist in the end that I believe it will please our readers.

Horror News Network: Thank you for your time El Torres! Good luck with this title.

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