Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Fan Instagram Contest

by Larry Dwyer

By: Larry Dwyer

Alright guys, you did it to me again. This time there were so many of you who tagged us in your pictures from the convention that it took me three days and I could only narrow it down to eight shots.

So, here they are. Keep them coming guys! It’s great to see so many of you attending these conventions and having a great time; it’s fiends like you who keep horror alive!


Apparently Axel likes his girls with facial hair.  🙂


bphulsey and what I can only assume to be a close relative?


Why does it look like Daryl’s getting ready to punch ashleydale00?


It looks like tracynicole71 was putting in some work at the convention!


Cool stuff. Two attendees dressed as an art piece by jasonflowersart. Art = Life


ECW’s Rhino with trgdyann


30silentmockingbirds getting work done by the world’s smallest tattooist.


screamqueen_nw and sweetmelissasue with the incomparable Chop Top Moseley. The look on his face is killin’ me.


Well that’s it guys. Congrats and keep up the good work. Remember, if you’re at a convention and you’re taking pictures, tag @HorrorNews on Instagram and your pretty mug might just be the one that sweetens up our evil little website.

Stay gory, my friends.


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