FUBAR: Mother Russia Kickstarter Launched

by Rob Caprilozzi

FUBAR: the New York Times Best-Selling anthology series has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for its first stand alone original graphic novel: MOTHER RUSSIA. This newest project from the Lancaster Pennsylvania based comic imprint will be written and illustrated by FUBAR editor in chief Jeff McComsey. MOTHER RUSSIA originally ran as a short in FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned. The final length of the book is contingent upon the campaign but The first 28 pages from FUBAR Volume 1 will be included but redrawn, however the original short will be included as a mini comic with all Kickstarter rewards.

One baby. One rifle. Two million zombies.
Mother Russia opens in zombie occupied Stalingrad in 1943. What the war started in Stalingrad the zombie outbreak finished. It’s an open graveyard for 2 million soldiers and civilians. We follow a young female sniper as she watches the apocalypse unfold from the safety of a well supplied and impregnable bell tower. She spends her day thinning out the zombie herds one at a time.

Day after day. Month after month, until one day she sees something through her scope she hasn’t seen in a long time: a perfectly healthy 2 year old boy and he’s just stumbled right into the zombie apocalypse.

FUBAR started in 2009 as a World War II zombie anthology. The first volume was titled FUBAR: European Theater of The Damned and focused on the European theater of World War II. Their next volume of FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead was Kickstarter funded and landed on the New York Times Best Sellers list in January 2012 shifted to the Pacific theater of Word War II. They followed that up with the 436 page epic anthology, FUBAR: American History Z which focused on all of American History and was produced with funds from another successful Kickstarter. While primarily a historical zombie anthology series, starting with MOTHER RUSSIA the imprint hopes to expand into more stand alone projects in 2014.


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