Fox’s The Exorcist Renewed for Season Two

With Fox’s 2017 Upfronts just days away, the uncertain futures of a trio of horror television shows have been the source of speculation and uncertainty. On May 9th, Fox cancelled Sleepy Hollow after four seasons. The future of Scream Queens is still unknown. But today came arguably the most important confirmation for the 2017 season: The Exorcist has been renewed for Season Two!

While the show’s ratings have never been fantastic, it gained a strong following of dedicated viewers who found it to be one of the smartest horror shows on television. Fans and horror sites alike (including this one) mobilized fan campaigns to beg Fox for a renewal, but the network remained quiet about the future of the series for nearly five months.

Jeremy Slater, the show’s talented creator, had this to say to fans on Twitter about the show’s renewal:

In the past, Slater has said he would like to leave the Rance family with some peace and follow our favorite demon battling priests as they help other victims of the supernatural. At this time,  it is unknown if this is the same pitch that ultimately won Fox over for the show’s renewal. Deadline reports that “there is talk about bringing in a showrunner for Season 2.” I’m all for it if that helped get the show renewed, but Slater has done an excellent job leading the show on his own so far.

Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more information on Fox’s 2017 Upfronts and The Exorcist Season Two as it breaks!


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