Fox Picks up Horror/Thriller ‘Through My Eyes’

by Lynn Sorel

Fox is developing a horror/thriller drama called ‘Through My Eyes,’ based on the 2013 Russian series of the same name.   Former Fringe showrunner Joel Wyman is writing and executive producing. Lawrence Bender and Kevin Brown of Bender Brown Prods. are also executive producing.  In the series, each episode is shown through the POV of a different character.   Zaur Bolotaev, co-creator/director of the original series, and Alex Reznik of East 2 West Entertainment are also executive producing. 

The Russian media compared the original series to ‘Twin Peaks.’ It centered around the investigation of the death of a school girl.  To be as authentic as possible, the actual actors filmed the majority of the footage for their point of view episodes. They wore a helmet with a 13-pound camera mounted on it.

Multiple networks were interested in the series before FOX picked it up. It has supernatural elements, much like ‘Fringe’ did. It is uncertain if the adaptation will employ the same film style used as the original.

You can view the trailer for the original series below.

Source: Deadline


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