Five Ghosts The Haunting of Fabian Gray coming from Image

by Rob Caprilozzi

Frank J. Barbiere and Chris Mooneyham debuted the first issue of the miniseries FIVE GHOSTS: THE HAUNTING OF FABIAN GRAY at New York Comic Con 2012 as a self-published, limited edition that caught the eye many comics readers and critics. It also caught the eye of Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson, and, starting in March, the miniseries is now being released by the largest independent comics publisher in the United States. The story of Fabian Gray, a treasure hunter (some say thief) possessed by five ghosts, each an archetypical literary character, who imbue him with their unique talents and skills. The Wizard gives Gray the ability to wield magic. The Archer gives him lightning-quick reflexes and deadly accuracy. The Detective lends powers of intuition and deduction. From The Samurai, Gray borrows discipline and self-mastery – as well as mastery of a razor-sharp katana. The Vampire's subtlety, allure, and deadliness are the most dangerous powers of all for Gray to wield – both to his enemies and himself. Gray will need the powers of all his ghosts to save the woman who was lost in the same incident that resulted in his possession – his twin sister Silvia, whose absence haunts him even more than the five spirits.

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