First Trailer Released for ‘Through The Woods’

by Rob Caprilozzi

The guys at Antagonist just released an announcement teaser for their current project, THROUGH THE WOODS and consequently started a Steam Greenlight campaign for it. 


THROUGH THE WOODS is a third person horror-adventure game that takes place on a mysterious island in Norway that is constantly hidden by fog. Primarily story-driven, THROUGH THE WOODS tells the personal tale between a character and something lost.


Although Antagonist has created an unfamiliar and hostile forest for the main setting, the team takes a lot of the inspiration from their home country’s nature and art history when developing the levels. They’re also borrowing freely from Norse mythology, lore and even urban myths to do a different take on the known and lesser known creatures and characters that will appear in the final game. 


With THROUGH THE WOODS, the Norwegian team seeks to capture the forest as they saw it as a child, with every dark and mystic feature it could convey. Players shouldn’t expect that every question has an answer, to achieve that certain feeling of that there is constantly something bigger at stake.


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