First Images Released For the Upcoming ‘Halloween’ Reboot

by Sean McLaughlin

If you’re jones-ing for some new Halloween reboot news, you are in luck.  Three new photos from the set have been released by Blumhouse Pictures, and they represent everything true Halloween fans were hoping for. These first glimpses from the set are glorious, and are a great teaser for the first official trailer due out at the end of this week.

Though most associated Danny McBride with the current project since he was the first to break the pre-production news, the Blumhouse Pictures reboot is filled with Hollywood heavyweights from the original film in 1978.  Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her iconic role as Laurie Strode, the brother of psychotic killer Michael Myers.  Original Michael actor Nick Castle returns, and legendary mastermind John Carpenter will executive produce the film as well as lend his unique talents to the final cut again as composer.

Taking the helm this time around as director is David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express), who will be tackling his first horror project in the process.  Green has a successful history with McBride, having directed McBride vehicles Eastbound & Down and Vice Principals for HBO, as well as big-screen movies such as Your Highness.  Whatever skepticism the horror crowd initially had when such a comedic talent like McBride was attached should be easily erased by the new images that were just released (below.)

Blumhouse is re-imagining a world right after the events of the original 1978 classic, and writes off all seven previous sequels as well as the two Rob Zombie reboot attempts.  Michael has been waiting for 40 years to get revenge on his sister, but Laurie has had 40 years to prepare as well.  The resulting events should be a breath of fresh air for a franchise that endured straight-to-VHS productions and Zombie’s well-intentioned but misguided vision.

Enjoy the stills now, and wait excitedly for the first trailer’s release in a few days. The 40th anniversary of one of the greatest horror films in history is off to a killer start!

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