FilmRise App Offering Free Horror Content and Cool Marathons In October

by Larry Dwyer

Us horror buffs are always on the lookout for new places to watch our beloved genre, so it’s with a happy heart that we can let you know that the FilmRise App will be offering their best horror content all month long.

A few highlights of this month’s offerings are George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories Vol. 1 & 2 (2009, 2011), Prom Night (1980), Ginger Snaps (2000), The Prophecy (1995) and a two-day marathon of Unsolved Mysteries.

FilmRise is available on Amazon Fire, The Roku Channel, XUMO, IMDb TV, Samsung TV Plus, TiVO+, Redbox Free Live TV, Vizio and more.

From the press release:

October is finally here. The leaves are changing color, the air is getting cooler… and something wicked this way comes. FilmRise welcomes all you horror fans with our Halloween-ready October content, featuring spooky marathons and showcasing our film catalogue of hundreds of genre titles to whet your ghoulish appetites – all for free!

All month long, FilmRise will feature our scariest Halloween titles on the FilmRise App. Our massive genre catalogue includes such titles as the Jamie Lee Curtis classic PROM NIGHT, teenage werewolf feminist thriller GINGER SNAPS, the original ‘90s TGIF classic “Sabrina The Teenage Witch,” starring Melissa Joan Hart, the popular BBC sexy, supernatural roommate series “Being Human,” and much, much more.

Our chilling October slate also features an “Unsolved Mysteries” Scare-A-Thon, where we’ll bring you a lineup of the creepiest “Unsolved Mysteries” episodes we could find. What’s that under your bed? Robert Stack? BOO! As part of the marathon, we’re letting “Unsolved Mysteries” fans choose the evening lineup. All they have to do is look for FilmRise’s post later today 10/8 and submit their choices. Then they can tune in that weekend to see which episodes we picked. The Scare-A-Thon will take place from October 17th – 18th on The Roku Channel. “Unsolved Mysteries” is truly the scariest we have to offer, since these spooky mysteries all actually happened in real life…

Next up is a marathon of the blood-thirsty cult BBC series “Young Dracula,” which follows single dad Count Dracula (Keith Lee Castle) as he moves to modern-day Britain from Transylvania with his two children, Vlad and Ingrid. To his father’s dismay, young Vlad just wants to be like a normal British teen instead of a creature of the night. Our “Young Dracula” marathon runs from October 24th – 25th on The Roku Channel.


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