Fangoria Launches New Studio for TV, Film and Podcast Projects

by Mark McCurley

A publication that has kept horror fans up to speed on scares since 1979, Fangoria announced its plan to launch Fangoria Studios to independently produce horror films, TV series and podcasts according to Deadline.

In collaboration with Circle of Confusion, the projects will utilize the Fangoria, Starlog and Gorezone brand names; all publications that were affiliated with each other during the 1970’s and 80’s. As such, the films and shows will be science fiction and horror based and aim to appeal to audiences all over the globe.

Created by Kerry O’Quinn and Norman Jacobs, Fangoria originally went under the name Fantastica. It was made to go alongside Starlog, the sci-fi magazine the duo also published, and focus on fantasy films for a teenage audience.

It was not until issue number seven that featured Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining on the cover that it became specifically centered around the genre of horror. Fangoria began to turn profit at that point and grew to worldwide prominence as a cinema magazine.

For Fangoria Studios, owners Tara Ansley and Abhi Goel said when it comes to horror, everyone screams in the same language. This speaks to its goal about telling genre stories from cultures and folklore the world over.

Are you excited to see exclusive horror features from Fangoria Studios? Check back soon for more!

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