Expanded Season 11 of ‘The Walking Dead’ to be its last followed by Daryl and Carol Spin-off Show

In an unfortunate turn of events, AMC has announced that The Walking Dead, its show that became the highest rated series ever on cable television, will be coming to a close with the conclusion of it’s eleventh season. However, in the same announcement on Variety they said a spin-off series focusing on characters Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier (Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride) will be produced shortly thereafter.

As sad as it is to read that TWD is reaching the end of the road, it’s definitely not a short distance as the network said the final season will span 24 episodes over the course of two years, which in terms of seasons for TWD that amounts to three half-seasons worth of episodes that will conclude in 2022.

From a previous announcement from AMC, Season 10 of the show will have an additional six episodes that are to air in 2021 and segue into the show’s concluding chapters.

The Daryl and Carol spin-off show will be significant because the characters are the only two that have been with the series since its first season.

For the time being there will be plenty of Walker killing to go around with new seasons of Fear the Walking Dead set to premier October 11 and The Walking Dead: World Beyond that will start October 4.

Check back soon for more!

Mark McCurley
Mark McCurley
Since Mark was four years old he has always loved the horror genre, even when his mother would be a good parent and not let him watch such films. It was when he would sneak into the Horror section at the video store called Tommy K's that he would see all of the VHS covers of classics like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. During his time as a journalism major and news staff writer at Southern CT State University, he had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren before a seminar in 2009 at the Lyman Center on campus.

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