Exclusive: Horror News Network Previews ‘Book Of Evil No. 2’

by Thomas Tuna

This book has more evil stories to tell.

The second 50-page issue of Book of Evil from Comixology Originals–described as a “serialized horror story blending prose and multiple styles of illustration”–will be available next Tuesday, Jan. 10, and a preview of the comic can be seen on this page.

Book of Evil–from Amazon’s Comixology Originals digital content line–comes from writer Scott Snyder and artist Jock (the team behind The Batman Who Laughs).

The storyline follows four young friends “growing up in a strange near future where more than 90 percent of the population is born as psychopaths,” according to the description.

Despite the danger, the four set off on a journey that takes them “down the roads and rivers of this transformed America in the hope of finding a place where goodness still lives.”

In the second issue, the kids “venture out in search of the truth behind the Book of Evil. Is it even real? And, if it is, will they reach it before their all-too-deadly pursuers catch up?”

Snyder–who said horror is “my favorite genre to work in”–called this comic “some of the scariest, most frightening stuff I’ve written. And seeing it paired with Jock’s creepy illustrations and Emma Price’s incredible design is surely something I hope horror lovers will enjoy.”

Jock added that he and Snyder “talked about presenting Book of Evil in a truly unique way, and I’m thrilled by what we’re producing. And I hope it entertains all those who take a chance at reading it.”

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