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Synopsis: A surgery-obsessed teen struggles with her outcast status while plotting to lose her virginity and save her sister from the ravaging effects of cystic fibrosis in this genre-bending shocker from writer/director Richard bates, Jr. Pauline (Annalynne McCord) is an awkward girl whose stern mother (Traci Lords) insists that the young girl visit the church therapist for counseling. Incensed at the prospect of being judged by a religious hypocrite, Pauline only delves deeper into her visceral fantasies while concocting an ingenious plan to impress her mother.


Our Thoughts: After seeing the trailer for “Excision,” hearing the hype and seeing the stellar cast, I really had high expectations for this film.  Did it meet them?  ABSOLUTELY!

First of, the plotline is great.  Kudos to Richard Bates Jr. for a truly original and inventive story. We are led to believe that Pauline is an incredibly awkward teenage girl with psychosexual, blood lusting fantasies.  However, there are obvious signs of a psychological disorder that her parents choose to ignore. This eventually leads to the grimness that ensues (which I will NOT spoil for anyone). The actual story itself is filled with teenage rage and great gross out bloody moments, peppered with some sarcastic dark comedy.  There are many different dynamics between the characters, and within themselves.  It all draws the audience in and keeps them thorouhly engaged.

The greatest strength of the film is the cast. The acting was phenomenal.  Traci Lords has a standout performance as Pauline’s overbearing, super conservative mother.   

AnnaLynne McCord, who most people know from “90210,” gives an extraordinary performance as Pauline.  Her transformation into this awkward, almost psycho teenager is incredible.

To sum it up, do yourself a favor and see “Excision.”  It’s not blood and gore horror, however, it is a brilliant piece of film making.

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