Escape From Jesus Island Kickstarter campaign halfway funded

by Rob Caprilozzi

We received an update on the Kickstarter comic book series from illustrator Mortimer Glum and writer Shawn French. Read on for the details.

“In 2013, Christ WILL return. A lot.”

That’s the message from the upcoming Apocalyptic comic book series, Escape From Jesus Island, which reached more than half of its fund-raising goal in the project’s first two days on Kickstarter.

Escape From Jesus Island is an original, full-color, digitally painted comic book series about an attempt to clone Jesus that goes a little off the rails. ReGen Corporation eventually succeeds in its quest, but only after creating scores of hideously deformed near-Jesus freaks and a monstrous twin brother, Damien. When the Vatican hears of Christ’s return and sends an elite Black Ops extraction team to ReGen’s remote island testing facility, all Hell breaks loose.

Written by filmmaker Shawn French (“The Wrong House”) and illustrated by Mortimer Glum, Escape From Jesus Island is a twisted retelling of the prophecies from the Book of Revelation. Christ, Antichrist, a legion of cannibalistic mutants and, as the series progresses, global carnage complete with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

In the project’s first two days on Kickstarter, 13 of the 34 opportunities for supporters to appear in the comic book have already been claimed. “It was our goal from the start to bring the fans into the project as much as possible,” said French. “We’ve had Facebook contests where fans got to vote on character names and help design mutants. Now we’re offering a chance to actually be in the story.”

Roles available to Kickstarter supporters range from the Kill Me level, which will result in a supporter dying a horrible death in the comics, to major recurring characters in the series. Up for grabs are the Antichrist’s bodyguard, Inquisition, the mysterious Mother Superior, and Pariah—the seven-headed Beast of Biblical Mythology (five heads remaining to be claimed).

Other rewards include Kickstarter-exclusive artwork, signed and numbered copies of Issue 1 with an alternate cover, trading cards, and opportunities to design a creature who appears in the story.

“The Jesus Island team is obviously thrilled about the reception we’ve received right out of the gate from the Kickstarter community,” French said. “I’ve been obsessed with this story since first writing it back in 1994. To finally be this close to unleashing the Jesus Island story on the world is a dream come true.”

You can check out the EFJI Kickstarter campaign at:

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