‘Escape From Jesus Island’ Act 1 Episode 1 Review

by MacabreMenace

Review By: Mike Peluso

Writer: Shawn French
Artist: Mortimer Glum
Publisher: Wisdum Productions
Released: January 20th 2014
Score: 8 out of 10

Synopsis: After years of failed experiments that create scores of hideously deformed freaks, ReGen Corp CEO Anna Thorne eventually succeeds in her quest to clone the Savior on a remote island testing facility. A pair of twins are born, Jesus and his monstrous brother Yeshua (aka Damien). Both have the full powers of Christ, but Damien is hell-bent on bringing about the Apocalypse and cleansing Earth of the plague that is humanity.

When the Vatican learns of Christ’s return and sends in an extraction team, all Hell breaks loose in this upcoming coming book series from illustrator Mortimer Glum and writer Shawn French.

Our Thoughts: The definition of Horror: an intense feeling of fear, shock or disgust.  In all of my years reading horror comics I do not believe I have ever stumbled upon a book that embodies that definition in every sense of the word like this one. “Escape From Jesus Island” is exactly what it was described as in Mortimer Glum’s introduction; “A roller coaster ride through Hell”.  Be forewarned; this book is not for the faint of heart. 

This comic is full of blasphemous massacres and unholy sermons to be honest I felt unclean after finishing it (and I think that was high up on the creator’s priority list).  Being a God Fearing man myself and growing up in a very religious household most likely added to the uncomfortable feeling I got from “Escape From Jesus Island” and that is truly how anything that calls itself “Horror” is meant to make you feel.  The Bible verses added to the depth of the comic and made the story feel that much more ominous.

The artwork in “Escape From Jesus Island” is by far the most enjoyable part of this creation.  It is visually some if the best work I think I’ve ever seen within a comic book and after just one issue Mortimer Glum has become one of my favorite artists.  His work in this book is captivating and is reason enough alone to check this series out. 

As you see in the synopsis, to say Shawn French’s story is “Out There” would be putting in quite mildly.  After reading an interview of his I learned that he got the idea for this satanic story after seeing Jurassic Park back in the mid 90’s.  Science Fiction blended with Bible beliefs creates one contradictory concoction that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

The company in “Escape from Jesus Island” that’s behind all these chaotic experiments, ReGen, makes the Umbrella Corporation look like it’s operated by Willy Wonka!  Shawn French’s PETA-like group S.T.A.B. gave me quite a chuckle after reading what it stood for (Stop Treating Animals Badly). 

The opening to “Escape From Jesus Island” was drenched with common horror movie clichés, but for a die-hard like me, the predictably didn’t hurt the experience.  The antagonist of the issue, Yeshua (also known as Damien, the Anti-Christ) is not the young little ginger most of us are accustomed to.  This miracle powered mutant menace is the primordial source of all of the fear, shock and disgust within “Escape From Jesus Island”.  Yeshua, after one issue, is easily one of the most sinister villains I’ve ever viewed within a comic book.

“Escape From Jesus Island” is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before within the pages of a comic.  This series is overflowing with an insane intensity that will race the heart and frighten the mind.  Mortimer Glum’s artistry is superb and makes Shawn French’s story almost interactive and alive.   If you have a strong stomach and aren’t easily offended, most definitely check out “Escape From Jesus Island”, it’s out now.

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