Epitaph: Bread and Salt movie announced

by Rob Caprilozzi

The Defenders of Eden, an elite team of supernatural hunters, have protected earth against Estries and other demonic evils since the time of King Solomon. Today secret societies are uniting with one goal, to drive the world into darkness and to rise to godhood. But the tide may turn if the The Defenders can enlist the aid of Victor Locke, a human being with the power to see and battle incarnate entities masquerading as humans. Evil cults command The Nephilim Spirit, an ancient dark power, to gain control over the whole of humanity while opening the doors to an influx of incarnate evils, vampires, fallen, “Neophilim” (a new breed of Nephilim) and other creatures that prey on human flesh and oppress human souls. But it has been prophesied that one will come who will champion the side of light…could Victor Locke be that champion? “I’ve always loved supernatural tales of good versus evil and I love comic books and the comic book culture.” says writer and director Nathyn Brendan Masters, a Chicago based author and independent filmmaker who’s been shooting movies on a shoe string budget since 2003 and who once owned close to two thousand comic books. “I’ve been wanting to do something with my demon hunters for years, but could never seem to put all the ideas swirling around in my head together until now.” The action-horror film acts as a prequel to an upcoming line of comics and will showcase the characters from the Night Phoenix Press Universe as well as local talent including Marissa Joy in the role of “The Fist of God”, a super powered demon fighter, Anita Nicole Brown as Night Evil, the Nephilim leader of a the Sisterhood of Lilith, Jenna Ambien Halvorson as Cassie Mariam Shelly, a.k.a Zombie Girl, a murdered prostitute bought back to life by a mad scientist and Masters himself as Chicago’s very own demon hunter, Victor Locke. Masters will also add in some celebrity talent as horror hottie Monique Dupree, the noted for being the first Black Scream Queen, will also appear as Lilith.

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