End Times #2 Review

Writer: Vin Davis
Publisher: Horrorgeddon Comics

Synopsis: Issue two of 'End Times', the illustrated horror comic magazine in the tradition of Warren's Creepy and Eerie is now available.

Stories include: "I Don't Believe It!"
A man learns that sometimes what you resist persists.

"Radiated Man"
Something wickedly diabolical is going on at the Mohawk Nuclear Power Plant.

"Home Improvement"
One man's foreclosure is another man's nightmare.

"Homeland Security"
Did you ever get the feeling you were being watched?

It's 2035 and there's a cocoon waiting for you at the place they call "Spa Central."

"5 Minute Rule"
A word of advice, leave your neighbor's dirty laundry alone!

Our Thoughts: The second issue of the blood curling End Times has finally arrived. The magazine-style horror anthology pulls no punches when it comes to shock value. This one really stays true to its tagline, ‘Revolting Tales of Misfortune’.

End Times is sort of like turning back the clock to the classic over-sized black and white anthologies like Creepy and Eerie. It is easy to see the passion that Vin Davis has for this particular type of comic. Each tale is more gruesome than the next and when you finish the book you will be left wanting more.

Look for this one to be represented in the “Best Anthology” category in the 2013 Horror Comic Awards.

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